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Having the ability to complete tasks easier, quicker and with greater accuracy are an advantage in any business. Reducing wasted time and energy by streamlining your current IT infrastructure, saves you both time and money,giving you a real commercial edge over your competitors.

If you have any questions or would simply like to establish an idea of where your business currently sits in relation to your objectives simply contact us now and we'll be happy to discuss it without obligation and free of charge.


For example, Statistically most operators spend at least 5 minutes per day dealing with spam email, that equates to 100 minutes per month 1200 minutes (20 hours per year), multiply that by the hourly rate and number of staff you have a large unnecessary cost that can easily be avoided by installing a spam filter


Your FREE IT Assessment

If you have between 5 and 49 computer users in your business, we can offer you a complete with no obligation analysis of your current system, Identifying areas of need and pricing tailor made solutions for your company.



Your IT Assessment

The present state of your existing IT infrastructure and systems will be assessed, identifying if there are any crucial issues which require immediate attention as well as evaluating how well your systems are suited to your businesses needs.

There is No Cost To You

This assessment will not cost you anything and provides your business with concise analysis of your current system providing you with the necessary information to enable you to budget and implement a robust IT solution.

We can help to make your business more cost-effective and streamlined


We will carry out the following

IT Cable structure and testing (where necessary)

Analysis of current switches and routers.

Server analysis , looking at processor and memory usage

Workstation analysis, current hardware, speed , anti-virus etc..

You will then be provided with a report showing any areas of concern detailing recommendations and pricing